The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

********UPDATE******* I have updated this recipe with new notes, tips&tricks, and photographs. Please click here for the UPDATED version.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

When it comes to showing affection or using love words my husband, Dwight is very conservative. Especially if we are in public… You know, it is a usual “guy” thing.

However, when it comes to this chocolate cake it appears that he can be different. I knew that I did something right when I heard him say that he is “in love” with this cake as he was putting a spoon full of it in his mouth.

Dwight has a huge sweet tooth. So much so that if we do not have something sweet with his “after dinner” tea he would not mind driving to the nearest bakery to get some. No matter what time it is.

Therefore, as a loving wife, I make sure that we have dessert available everyday.

Let me tell you something guys. I looked at the dictionary for the definition of the Ultimate Chocolate Cake. They did not bother writing an explanation. They had the below picture.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

This chocolaty cake is so gooey, silky and moist that makes you fall in love with cacao and butter over and over again. When I made the mistake of tasting the chocolate glaze, we almost ran into the problem of not having any to pour on the cake.

It is important that you wait for the cake to cool before drizzling the chocolate glaze over it. I know it is hard to wait but believe me if you do not wait the results are not that appealing. Do you want to know how I know? Because it happened to me.

Let me let you in on a secret. These pictures are not taken after that first try.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake

The best thing about it is that it does not require any fancy mixers or other equipment. All you need is your strong arms and hands to mix it. The ingredients are things that you would probably have home if you are into baking.
I usually make this on Sundays. As long it is covered it keeps fresh and moist throughout the week even if you leave it outside. In our case, it is usually finished by Wednesday.

The Ultimate Chocolate Cake


We, in the Dwight & Ayşegül Household, believe that our home is a better place with this chocolate cake.
Recipe from Be-Rite Market’s Eat Good Food by Sam Mogannam and Dabney Gough


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  • Monica - This looks wonderful! Looking forward to trying it soon.ReplyCancel

    • Ays - Ha ha Thank you Monica.. Let me know how it turns out!ReplyCancel

  • Daniele - Hi there! Mark says hi, too.. to Dwight also. This looks great! Do I read correctly that it only cooks 30 minutes? Thanks for the clarification. Hope you guys are doing well. Soak up some sun for us.ReplyCancel

    • Ays - Sure.. It actually cooks for 40 minutes. You cool it for 30 minutes.
      Please say hello to him from me.ReplyCancel

  • Dwight Sanford - simply amazingReplyCancel

  • Berenice - I’ll try it this weekend….. Hope the result is as good as yours… It was sooo delicious!!!ReplyCancel

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  • Dalya - Thanks for this cake Aysegul! We loved it!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Aysegul Sanford - I am planning to put the recipe of your favorite chocolate ice-cream. Do you have an ice-cream maker in your “infrastructure” or is it time to invest in one? 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Denise - Hi Ayşegül! 🙂 I tried it out yesterday and it just tastes so good. Thank you for this recipe, I will definitely do it again ReplyCancel

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  • Gülçin - Hi Ays,I tried it out today for my guests .We’ll see the resuts,anyway it looks so delicious….ReplyCancel

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