2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

I am not the kind of person, who likes to categorize people. However, when it comes to gift giving, knowing that someone is a “foodie” will help you pick out the perfect gift. As a foodie myself, I scoured the internet and put together a list of gifts that may help you easily pick out a gift for the “foodies” in your life.  While looking for options, I made sure to (1) pick things that I use, recommend, and/or would love to own someday, (2) offer suggestions that promotes local businesses (as much as possible) and fellow food bloggers, (3) keep it at a reasonable price (all, but one, are under $100), and (4) find things that are sold online (just in case you don’t care for busy shopping malls). I divided them in categories of fabric, ceramic & stoneware, glass, wood, and paper for easy browsing.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

1. Portsmouth Apron – Anthropologie : $32.00
How can a foodie say no to a beautiful apron? This one comes in two other beautiful colors.

2. Grey Chambry Napkins – Alder & Co: $78.00
These napkins are so beautiful. Perfect for any elegant table setting.

3. Log Carrier – United by Blue: $78.00
Perfect for carrying wood to your s’mores parties by the fire.

4. Stripe Napkins – Alder & Co: $65.00
I just think that stripes are just beautiful, and they go so well with solid color table settings. These ones are available in three different colors.



2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies


1. Striped Mug (link no longer available) – Alder & Co: $36.00 (each) –
These stoneware mugs are handmade in Portland. Each is a one-of-a-kind. Perfect for a foodie couple.

2. Camellia Etched Dinner Plate – Heath Ceramics: $135.00
To me, this plate is like a piece of art. A perfect gift, if your foodie is a collector (or a photographer) of beautiful plates and props.

3. Porcelain Sugar Cones –  Virginia Sin: $24.00 (each)
These cones are just the perfect gift for an ice cream lover.

4. Minimalist Ceramic Bowls – One Clay Bead on Etsy
These bowls are just so so beautiful. And not just this one, everything in this Etsy shop is quite creative.

5. Stoneware Dinner Plate (link no longer available)- Alder & Co: $45.00
I think of these kinds of plates as collectors items. This one, in particular, is handmade and has a cute little heart on it.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

1. Medium Walnut Dry Goods Vessel – Fort Standard : $84.00
This glass vessel is sealed with large cork stoppers with turned hardwood handles. Originally made for dry goods storage, but you can easily use it around the house.

2. Camano Mill Grinder -(link no longer available)- Red Rooster Trading Co. : $94.95
This beautifully built, heavy-duty, glass/metal grinder throws coffee brewing back to the good old days. Perfect for a coffee lover.

3. Mason Shaker – Glasswing Shop : $29
This is a three piece cocktail mason jar shaker. A perfect gift for any home mixologist.

4. Lemon Scented Board Oil -(link no longer available)-  Old Faithful Shop: $37.95
The perfect oil to maintain the beauty of your wood cutting boards. I actually use this, and cannot recommend it enough.

5. Bubble Cocktail Glasses -(link no longer available)- Biscuit : $56.00
These glasses are perfect for champagne or any other specialty cocktails. So so cheerful and fun…


2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

1. Acacia Wedge Server – Crate and Barrel: $24.95
This wood server is uniquely natural with a rustic touch. Perfect as a cheese plate for entertaining.

2. Round Walnut Boards (Cheese Board  $85.00 & Bread Board $95.00) -(link no longer available) – Arbor Shop
These handmade walnut wood boards are just so beautiful. They are a perfect gift for a foodie, who loves entertaining in style.

3. Black Walnut Long Stir Spoon – Board and Bread : $75.00
These handmade stirring spoons are a dream come true for a foodie prop collector.

4. Hand Dipped Walnut Wood Bowl (7 inch) (link no longer available)- Food 52 : $39.00
An unexpected color to brighten up any table setting.


2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

The first 6 books in this section are ones that I own and cannot recommend enough.

1. A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson – $25.30
If you don’t know, Mimi the author behind the food blog Manger, you should stop what you are doing and take a look at her website. It is full of incredible pictures, delicious recipes, and a life that we all want to have someday. Her book, A Kitchen in France, is full of beautifully photographed recipes that you can make in your very own kitchen.

2. Plenty More by Ottolenghi – $21.00
Ottolengi did it again. After he made us fell in love with his first vegetarian book Plenty, now he came up with this one, Plenty More. This book is not just a recipe book. It is a text book for anybody who wants to understand how to come up with flavors that create incredibly delicious recipes with locally grown produce.

3. The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen – $22.83
There is not one day I cook without getting help from the Cook’s Illustrated cookbook. If you were to ask me for that one book I cannot live without, this would be it. It would make a perfect gift for someone who is new to cooking, because (1) recipes in this book is explained in detail without assuming that the reader is an experienced cook, (2) I know for a fact that each and every recipe is foolproof, and (3) this is one of those books where you can find almost every recipe you can think of.

4. Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison – $27.25
To me, Vegetable Literacy is the cookbook for those who want to understand how vegetables and flavors work. This book is full of information about some of those vegetables you see in your farmers’ market, but don’t know what to do with them. And not just that.. It also is full of recipes that will help you get creative in the kitchen using some of the everyday vegetables, you most likely, already have in your fridge. Having met the author myself (while in Santa Fe), I know how passionate she is about food, and therefore how much there is to learn from a person, who is such a talented cook and writer.

5. Mast Brothers Chocolate Cookbook by Mast Brothers – $26.95
The chocolate book of Mast Brothers is perfect for a chocolate lover. Each recipe in this book is a celebration of the things one can do with cocoa powder and chocolate. Recipes are written very briefly for those of us, who are already (somewhat) experienced bakers. The photographs in this book are simply stunning. And I think, because of that, it makes a perfect gift for foodies, who would love a cookbook on the coffee table as well as the kitchen counter.

6. Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings by Karen Mordechai – $23.16
To me, this book is a dream come true. In her book, Karen – the blogger behind the Sunday Supper blog, continues to write recipes that are made with everyday ingredients for home cooks, who want to take it up a notch. The book is divided into sections (morning, noon, afternoon, evening) making it easy for the reader to navigate through the pages while admiring the gorgeous display of some of the best food photography out there.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

The books in this section are mostly created by food bloggers and creative minds, who inspire me everyday not only with their gorgeous photography, but also with super creative recipes that anyone can make at home.

1. Lomelino’s Cakes by Linda Lomelino – $16.57

2. Seriously Delish by Jessica Merchant – $18.96

3. Kinfolk Magazine – Yearly Subscription (link no longer available) – $60.00

4. Top With Cinnamon by Izzy Hossack – $22.73

5. Thug Kitchen by thugkitchen.com – $14.61

6. Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence by Joy Wilson – $18.00

7. Chickpea Magazine – Yearly Subscription – $75.00

8. Vibrant Food by Kimberly Hasselbink – $15.81

9.Green Kitchen Travels by David Frenkiel & Louis Vindahl – $27.52


Last but not least, the following are holiday gift ideas from other fellow food friends in the blogosphere:

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