Roasted Chicken Pita Wraps with Crispy Chickpeas and Tzatziki

Lightly warm pita bread spread generously with homemade Tzatziki sauce, topped off with oven-roasted cumin and coriander flavored chicken and chickpeas, and fresh arugula for a quick and healthy weeknight dinner. These Chicken Pita Wraps are what I make when I crave Mediterranean flavors and I am short on time. 

Roasted Chicken Pita Wrap with Crispy Chickpeas and Tzatziki are placed in a basket and photographed from the top view as a woman is serving them.

You may remember, back in October of last year, I sent out a reader survey. One of the questions in the survey was about the types of recipes you wanted to see more of. I was surprised to see that the most requested recipe types were weeknight meals with more healthy dishes as the runner up.

Since then, I have been on the hunt for healthy weeknight recipes you can make to feed your whole family. So today’s recipe, roasted chicken pita wraps with crispy chickpeas and tzatziki, is the first of many to come your way. This Mediterranean cuisine inspired dish comes together in 30 minutes and feeds a family of 4. If you have a bigger family, you can easily double the recipe to feed more people. (more…)

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How to Make Tzatziki Sauce {VIDEO}

Whether you use it as a salad dressing, spread for a quick pita sandwich, or dip for your cheese plate, Tzatziki sauce is one of the most loved condiments. So scroll down to watch a quick video on How To Make Tzatziki Sauce and read my answers to most FAQs.

A woman is photographed from the top view as she is serving tzatziki sauce with pita bread.

If you have ever been to any country around the Mediterranean and Middle East Regions, you know that plain yogurt is a staple for every household. Growing up in Turkey, we were no different. My mother would serve every dish with either plain yogurt or this Tzatziki sauce. Well, the name was different (it is called cacik in Turkish), but the concept was the same.
In our last cookbook club gathering, one of the ladies said that she has never tried garlicky yogurt in her life and would love to know how to make it. Realizing that not everyone grew up eating Tzatziki, I decided that I need to go back to my roots and share more recipes made with this magical dressing/sauce.
While I am publishing this recipe as a preparation for an upcoming recipe, I still serve Tzatziki regularly. Whether it is as a salad dressing, dip for a cheese platter, or sauce for a sandwich, it is my go-to condiment. (more…)

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Cornbread Muffins with Cheddar and Scallions

Savory Cornbread Muffins flavored with scallions, sharp cheddar, and corn kernels. Everything comes together in less than 15-minutes and bakes in less than half an hour. A great accompaniment to serve along with all your winter chilis or just by itself as a savory muffin for breakfast.
This recipe is adapted (with minor changes) from Healthyish, which will come out on January 9th, 2018. A copy of the book was sent to me by the publisher, Abrams, as a part of their Abrams Dinner Party. As always, all opinions listed below are mine.

A basket full of freshly baked cornbread muffins along with a few half eaten ones are photographed from the top view.

The incredibly cold weather continues to rule our lives. This morning, I had my first ever frost bite when I mistakenly forgot my gloves at home. I was on my way to the supermarket and in that 3-minute short walk from my car to the store, my hands got all cracked. It was -10 F degrees, but felt like -24. Needless to say, it was a lesson learned. We decided to not leave the house unless we have to until the temperatures rise. Currently, I have a big pot of this heartwarming turkey and bean chili on the stovetop simmering and these cornbread muffins are in the oven baking.

About The Recipe:

I don’t know about you, but for me what I serve with my chili is just as important as the chili itself. I can’t think of a better accompaniment than these cornbread muffins. They are flavored with sharp cheddar, scallions, and fresh corn. With every bite you get a little bit of each of those ingredients making it extra rich and flavorful. (more…)

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  • Chrissann - This sounds incredible! I’m totally going to make these next time I have veggie chili. Stay warm, my friend! xoReplyCancel

  • Traci | Vanilla And Bean - A perfect partner for all things chili and to take the chill off… woah! It’s frozen out there on the East Coast!  We’re doing chili this week too. I adore a good cornbread, so I love the cheddar and corn you’ve added. These are absolutely beautiful Aysegul! Happy New Year! xo ReplyCancel

    • Aysegul Sanford - So happy that you liked it my dear friend. These and a big pot of chili or vegetable soup are on repeat in our house. That is the only way to feel warm around here.
      Hope this new year is treading you well.ReplyCancel

Vegetable Beef Soup

Feeling the cold in your bones? Then you have to try this Old Fashioned Vegetable Beef Soup to warm your heart. This is one of those clean-your-fridge recipes that is packed with all kinds of veggies and tender chunks of beef cooked in a rich broth. Ready in less than an hour and freezes perfectly.

A bowl of vegetable beef soup is photographed from the top view as a woman is placing it on the table.

How is the weather in where you live? Here in Vermont, it is currently 4 Fahrenheit degrees. Prior to moving to Manchester, the only number I would look for was the one at the top of the weather app on my phone. I recently learned that if you truly want to know how it will affect you, you need to scroll down to find the section where it says, “What it feels like”.

I can’t believe I am writing this, but it currently feels like -9 degrees outside. It is the kind of cold that you feel in your bones. One that layering seven layers of clothing is just not enough to keep you warm. My local friends are telling me that I will get used to it, but the minute I go outside I find that hard to believe. Therefore, I am at home making a big pot of this Vegetable Beef Soup. (more…)

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  • Diane - This looks so good, Ali! Its cold and rainy here and I just want a big bowl of this soup. And I’m totally jealous of your soup-filled freezer!ReplyCancel

    • Aysegul Sanford - Hi Diane,
      Thanks so much for your kind words.
      Can’t agree more with you. Nothing beats these cold winter evenings than a cup of warm soup.
      I hope you will have time to give this recipe a try.

  • Larry - This is a wonderful, hearty, winter feel-good soup!  Quick and easy to make, freezes well and is especially good on cold Vermont winter days.  In the soup ingredients, I stuck with 2 onions and 5 carrots and celery and disregarded the one cup measurements…glad I did and suggest you do the same.  What’s not to like about more great soup!ReplyCancel

    • Aysegul Sanford - Hey Larry. So happy to hear that you liked it. It is on repeat in our weekly menu as I can’t imagine a better way to deal with this Vermont winter than a warm cup of hearty soup.
      I made the changes to the recipe. Thanks so much for your input.

3-Ingredient Layered Yogurt Parfait

Short on time and need something that is nutritious and filling to-go? I have got you covered! Today’s recipe, Layered Yogurt Parfait, is made with layering yogurt with fresh fruit and protein-packed ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars.
Ready in 5-minutes and perfect for any day of the week.
This post has been sponsored by ZonePerfect Bars. As always, all opinions are my own.

A glass full of layered yogurt parfait is topped off with seasonal fruits

Welcome to the last day of 2017! In just a few hours, it will be a brand new year. Though I am not much of a resolutions kind of person, I look forward to new beginnings. I have so much planned for the new year, I simply cannot wait. Though before then, let’s talk about the very last recipe of the year.

Today, I come to you with this is a super easy-to-make yet nutritious and filling 5-minute and 3-Ingredient Layered Yogurt Parfait. Now, I love a big bowl of creamy Slow-Cooked Steel Cut Oats or Almond Milk Oatmeal, but let’s face it, there are times you just need to get out of the house and you need to eat something. So when I am short on time, this is my go-to breakfast. (more…)

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The Best Cocktails and Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

Hey Hey Hey friends! Are you ready for New Year’s Eve? Are you going to party or take it slow? Surprisingly, my husband and I are partying this year. And I am pretty pumped about it, because for the last few years we have been going to bed at 9 pm on New Year’s Eve. Since it is super cold, most of the evening we’ll be indoors in a local pub, but then later we’ll bear the chilly temperatures of Vermont to ring in the new year. Though I am not sure, with it being in negative temperatures, how long will we be able to stay outside.

Today’s post is for those of you, who are in need of last-minute inspiration as to what to make on this special day. I put together a list if my favorite cocktails and appetizers that I would have been making if we were having a party at our house. Some of these recipes are from my blog and some are for other blogs that I photographed throughout the year.


A woman is photographed from the front view as she is holding a spicy jalapeno margaritas in her hand

Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas

I cannot imagine a better cocktail recipe for Mexican food lovers. This spicy jalapeno margarita is infused with cilantro and garnished with thin slices of jalapeños to take things up a notch. (more…)

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