Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad  + 4 Ways to Serve

This healthy chicken salad recipe is made with Greek yogurt salad dressing and leftover chicken. It is a quick recipe that you can serve in multiple ways.


- Yogurt salad dressing - Apples - Scallions - Red onion - Grapes - Almonds - Chicken - Celery

Make The Salad Dressing


Prepare the Greek yogurt dressing by whisking together the plain Greek yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and dill in a small bowl.

Gather The Goodness

Place the leftover chicken, scallions, red onion, celery, apples, grapes, and almonds in a large bowl.


Drizzle & Toss

Drizzle the ingredients with the Greek yogurt dressing and give it a gentle toss.Taste for seasoning, adjust to your liking, and serve as a salad, sandwich or lettuce wrap,


Make This Now!

Serve it as it is or swipe to see 4 different ways of using it in different ways so that it will never get boring.


Make It A Part of  Your Meal Prep

Portion the chicken salad into 4-5 reusable meal prep containers for a super fast grab and go lunch!

Make it A Healthy Sandwich

Take two slices of bread, drizzle a few tablespoons of the yogurt dressing, scoop your chicken salad onto one half, top with sliced avocado,  cut in half, and enjoy!

Make it A Lettuce Wrap

For a light chicken salad that is keto friendly and low carb, place the prepared salad in buttery Boston lettuce cups, drizzle with some dressing and bite into the yumminess!

Salad In A Jar!

In a mason jar, place a bed of chopped Boston lettuce. Then top with the salad, drizzle with the Greek yogurt dressing, and repeat!

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