Here is an irresistible, crispy snack you can make in less than 10 minutes. Never by kale chips from the store with this easy recipe.

Air Fryer Kale Chips

Ingredients for  Air Fryer Kale Chips

- Kale, rinsed, spin-dried - Olive oil - Salt *Optional Seasonings - ranch seasoning or everything but the bagel seasoning

Mix the ingredients


Rinse kale under cold water and dry as much as you can. Add the fresh kale leaves, olive oil, and salt to a large mixing bowl.

Massage the kale

Using your hands, lightly massage the kale such that you evenly coat each leaf with olive oil.


Arrange in the air fryer basket

Transfer the massaged kale pieces to the air fryer basket. Spread the leaves in a single layer, being sure not to overcrowd them.


Air fry

Air fry the arranged kale leaves for 3-5 minutes, flipping them halfway during the process.


Make This Now!

Be sure to check out the blog post for ingredient substitutions, helpful tips, and storage instructions.

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