Reverse Sear Prime Rib

Get our foolproof method for cooking prime rib to perfection using the reverse sear method.

Ingredients for Reverse Sear Prime Rib

- Bone-in rib roast - Kosher salt - Garlic powder - Black pepper - Fresh thyme - Fresh rosemary

Dry brine the prime rib

Use a paper towel to dry the meat on all sides, then sprinkle two tablespoons of kosher salt over its entire surface, firmly pressing it into the flesh to help it adhere.


Remove the meat from the fridge


Dry the excess moisture with paper towels right before coating it with the spice rub.

Make the seasoning

While the rib roast warms up, add the black pepper, rosemary, thyme, and garlic powder to a small bowl. Mix the ingredients until thoroughly combined.


Season the meat

Rub the prime rib with the seasoning mixture, ensuring it covers all sides. Firmly press to ensure it adheres, then make sure it lies on the wire rack with its fat side facing up.


Cook the prime rib

Transfer the beef to the oven and roast it until it reaches your desired doneness. Refer to the doneness chart on the blog for more information.


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