Roasted Chestnuts On An Open Fire

Learn How to Roast Chestnuts on an Open Fire or charcoal grill with just a few easy steps & treat your family to a delicious winter snack.



Place the flat side of the chestnut down on a cutting board. Score the round side of the chestnut horizontally creating a ½ to 1-inch cut. Turn it 90 degrees and cut another slit creating an X.

Soak In Cold Water

Soak them in cold tab water for an hour and drain. You do not need to dry them.



Place chestnuts flat side down in the now-hot cast iron skillet in a single layer. Be patient as the chestnuts roast and wait for them to fully burst open.


Seasoning Ideas

- Serve them on their own - Butter, Cinnamon and Sugar Drizzle  - Rosemary & Butter

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