Shrimp Orzo Salad

Topped with tangy feta cheese, this roasted shrimp and orzo pairs perfectly with any cooked meat (hello, summer barbecue!), or it can be served by itself as a main dish.


- Cucumber - Red onion - Fresh dill - Italian parsley - Cubed feta cheese - Roasted shrimp - Orzo

Make The Dressing


Whisk together lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper until thoroughly mixed in a bowl. Set it aside.

Cook & Dress Orzo

Pour dressing over the cooked orzo and give it a toss. As you pour, you will see that warm orzo will soak up all the liquid.


Prepare Shrimp

Place shrimp, olive oil, salt and pepper in a bowl and give it a gentle toss. Transfer  onto a sheet pan in a single layer.



Roast the shrimp in a preheated 400 F degree oven for 6 minutes rotating the shrimp halfway through the baking process.



Place the orzo, cooked shrimp, green onions, dill, parsley, cucumber, and red onion in a large bowl. Toss to combine.



Add cubed feta on top. Taste for seasoning, add in if necessary. Cover and refrigerate for an hour for flavors to blend.


Make This Now!

Be sure to check out the blog post for ingredient substitutions, helpful tips, and storage instructions.

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