7 Must Try Almond Flour Cakes

Love baking with almond flour? If so, you are in for a treat with these must-try gluten-free, low-carb & naturally sweetened almond flour cake recipes.

Almond Flour  Chocolate Cake

Here is an almond flour chocolate cake made with only seven simple ingredients and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. Gluten free & paleo friendly.


Almond Flour  Vanilla Cake

This is a basic almond flour cake that you can use as a birthday cake or layered cake. Serve it by itself or with whipped cream on top.


Almond Flour  Strawberry Cake

This Almond Flour Strawberry Cake is a light and summery treat made with only 9 ingredients. Topped off with maple whipped cream and fresh strawberries.


Almond Flour  Lemon Cake

This delicately light Almond Flour Lemon Cake requires only 10 basic ingredients and has a beautifully bright lemon flavor.


Almond Flour  Ricotta Cake

Here is a beautifully golden Italian-inspired cake with ricotta cheese and lemon.It is a delicious coffee cake you can make all year long.


Almond Flour  Apple Cake

This Paleo Apple Cake is a healthy apple cake recipe that is made with almond flour and sweetened with fresh apples and maple syrup.


Almond Flour  Carrot Cake

A delicately sweet Paleo & GF Almond Flour Carrot Cake is packed with walnuts, golden raisins, coconut, and pineapple.


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