Cantaloupe Smoothie

Cantaloupe Smoothie

A sip of heaven for sweet tooths, healthy eaters, and cantaloupe lovers alike. Ready in 5 minutes, this no sugar added smoothie is the best way to cool off.

Ingredients for Smoothie

- Cantaloupe  - Mango (or any other fruit) - Yogurt (can be regular or plant based) - Orange juice - Ice cubes

Gather Ingredients


Place cantaloupe (fresh or frozen), mango, yogurt, orange juice and ice in a blender.


Give it a few pulses to break the ice and then blend on medium-high until the smoothie is nice and creamy.



Pour into glasses. If preferred garnish with sliced cantaloupe and serve while it is still cold.


Be sure to check out the recipe post for ingredient substitutions, how to store leftovers & more tips.

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