Whole Roasted Eggplant

Whole Roasted Eggplant

The foolproof method for roasting whole eggplant in the oven. Make a batch and serve it as a side or use it in eggplant recipes.

Why Should You Roast  Eggplants as a Whole?

- Hands off 1-ingredient recipe - Freezes well - Make a batch and use in eggplant recipe like baba ganoush and eggplant yogurt dip

Wash & Dry Eggplants


Rinse eggplants and dry them with a kitchen towel. Remove any stickers before using. There is no need to peel them.

Prick Holes

Place eggplants on a sheet pan lined with aluminum foil. Using a fork, prick 8-10 holes on each eggplant.



Bake until they are burst, collapsed, and softened making sure to turn them every 20 minutes. This process should take about 50-60 minutes


When ready to use, gently cut a whole in the middle. Either remove the flesh to use in recipes or stuff it with your favorite fillings.

Need a great recipe for your freshly baked eggplants? Make this Turkish Stuffed Eggplant (aka Karniyarik) for a delicious meal guaranteed to impress.