Avocado Peach Salad

Ready in 15-minutes, this vegan avocado peach salad is sweet, spicy, crunchy and refreshing all at the same time.


- Pumpkin seeds - Spices - Fresh peaches - Sesame seeds - Pepper - Cucumber - Lemon - Avocado - Cilantro - Olive oil

Toast Seeds


Place pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds in a non-stick skillet. Toast in medium heat, stirring frequently, until golden brown, 5-7 minutes.

Make The Dressing

In a large salad bowl, mix together ground coriander, ground cumin, olive oil, Serrano chile, cilantro, parsley, lemon juice, and salt.


Assemble Salad

Add the sliced peaches, sliced cucumbers, and avocado cubes to the same bowl with the salad dressing.


Give it A Toss

Add the toasted seeds into the salad. Give it a gentle toss to make sure all ingredients are coated with the dressing.


Taste for Seasoning

Give it a taste and add more if needed. Serve immediately for a refreshing and delicious summer salad.


Be sure to check out the blog post for ingredient substitutions and tips on storing leftovers.

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