Chicken Pita Wraps

Chicken Pita Wraps

A 30-minute sheet pan weeknight meal made with layering juicy chicken and crispy chickpeas with tzatziki on a warm pita bread.

Made with Simple Ingredients

- Chicken thighs - Olive oil - Spices - Tzatziki sauce - Chickpeas - Arugula - Pita bread

Pat Dry Chicken


Pat-dry chicken thighs with a sheet of paper towel and place them on a sheet pan. Preheat the oven to 425 F.

Season Chicken & Chickpeas


Drizzle chicken thighs with olive oil and spices. Add the chickpeas and toss to make sure that they are thoroughly coated. Bake.

Make Tzatziki

While the chicken and chickpeas are roasting, make the tzatziki sauce. Simply mix yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, and cucumber in a bowl.



Assemble Greek chicken pita wraps by layering tzatziki with roasted chicken and crispy chickpeas. Garnish with arugula or any other salad greens.


If you are looking for weeknight chicken recipes, this one is a must try. Easy, flavorful and filling with minimal effort.

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