What is Bulgur Wheat?

What is Bulgur Wheat?

New to using Bulgur Wheat in your cooking?  Here are some of the most FAQs about bulgur wheat answered. Plus, a few easy recipes to get you cooking with bulgur ASAP.

Where is Bulgur from?

Where is Bulgur from?

While the specific country is unknown, it is believed that it was born in the Levant region – the Eastern Mediterranean region that consists of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, and Iraq.

Is Bulgur Whole Wheat?

Is Bulgur Whole Wheat?

Yes, it is. It is made from cracked parboiled groats of different wheat species, most often from durum wheat. It is not gluten-free.

Types of Bulgur

Fine Bulgur

Red Bulgur

Medium Coarse Bulgur

Coarse Bulgur

Nowadays, supermarkets sell bulgur in four different coarse levels, medium coarse being the most popular and widely available kind.

What does Bulgur taste like?

Bulgur has an earthy and nutty flavor. It has a satisfying chewy texture, which is why it is usually served as a side dish with meat & chicken dishes.

Where to find bulgur at the supermarket?

Nowadays, you can easily find bulgur in the international section of most supermarkets. You can also find it in the bulk bin section of major grocery stores.

How to cook bulgur?

Cooking bulgur is not much different than cooking rice or quinoa. Place in saucepan with water and salt cook until most of the liquid is absorbed.

Here are a few easy yet delicious bulgur wheat recipes that are perfect for beginners.

What recipes are good for those who are new to cooking with bulgur?

What recipes are good for those who are new to cooking with bulgur?


Turkish Bulgur Pilaf

This is the basic bulgur pilaf recipe that you can make with or without vegetables. Ready in 30 min & can be served as a side dish just like you serve rice.

Bulgur Stuffed Eggplant

Roasted eggplant halves filled with bulgur chickpea pilaf and drizzled with tahini yogurt dressing for a vegetarian meal you can make in less than an hour.

Bulgur Burger

A vegan burger made with bulgur wheat and lentils. Thanks to the chewy texture of bulgur wheat, this burger is filling and satisfying even for meat eaters.


Possibly the most popular bulgur recipe, Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern herb salad made with fine or coarse bulgur. It is vegan and ready in 20 minutes.

Squash & Bulgur Salad

This is a sweet and savory butternut salad recipe that celebrates the flavors of Middle Eastern cooking. Roasted squash mixed with cooked bulgur, it is a must try vegan side this.