Easy Dinner Recipes

Here you will find over 200 easy dinner recipes to answer that age-old question of what to make for dinner.

Since most of my days are packed with a long to-do list, my goal has always been to create quick dinner ideas that are simple enough for a weeknight meal yet elegant enough to enjoy with friends.

Easy Dinner Recipes - A bowl of Spaghetti bolognese

There is a range of main dishes to choose from depending on what you’re craving. Enjoy dinner ideas for tonight featuring classic yet simple chicken recipes like Chicken Fricasse or beef recipes like Stuffed Peppers. For those nights when a hearty, comforting meal is what you’re after, pasta dishes like this Spaghetti Bolognese is my go-to.

My husband and I like to dip our toes in plant-based eating, so I can assure you these vegetarian meals you’ll find here are packed with loads of protein and plenty of flavors to keep you satisfied.

Whether you are cooking for one, for two, or for a whole family, these dinner recipes will keep you inspired in the kitchen.

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Easy Chicken Recipes

Say goodbye to boring, dry chicken. These easy chicken recipes are flavorful and melt in your mouth delicious. A baked, one-pan Mediterranean Lemon Chicken goes best with a simple salad or better yet, this Caribbean-inspired Cornish Hen recipe is an impressive, elegant meal.

With recipes for pasta, salad, wings, chili, and more, you’ll never get tired of serving chicken any night of the week.

Easy Beef Recipes

These simple and easy beef recipes are made with beef in every form – ground, roast, stew, chuck, tenderloin, you name it.

If you are looking for a one-pot meal, try my Beef Stroganoff or Vegetable Beef Soup. If you want a classic Sunday dinner made faster with the convenience of a pressure cooker, try my Instant Pot Pot Roast.

Serve these dishes with a simple whole grain or a vegetable side dish for a scrumptious meal for everyone in your family.

Vegetarian Meals

Here is a colorful mix of easy vegetarian meals that will give you a creative boost in the kitchen. Peruse through a list of bowls, chilis, pizza, sandwiches, and pasta, all plant-based and made with everyday ingredients.

Swap out pasta for Butternut Squash Noodles or make a high-protein, veggie-packed Quinoa Stew you can easily prepare on a weeknight.

Whether you are following a vegetarian diet or eating plant-based meals for a night or two, these recipes are here to get you on the right track.

Turkey Recipes

These easy turkey recipes offer a great alternative for those nights when you find yourself looking for lean meat other than chicken.

My favorite Turkey Meatloaf includes that quintessential ketchup glaze, but nothing says homemade like turkey meatballs simmering in your favorite tomato sauce.

Seafood Recipes

My husband and I love to enjoy seafood one or two nights a week for a light and filling protein-packed meal that doesn’t weigh us down. I think we can also agree that seafood dishes make the best weeknight dinners. 

From Salmon Nicoise to Tuna Melt to Breaded Fish, these easy seafood recipes are simple yet impressive.

Pasta Recipes

As the saying goes, Italians do it right. And when it comes to pasta, there is simply nothing better.

I love breaking into the crispy, crunchy crust of freshly prepared Baked Ziti to share with all my friends, but nothing will fool them more than Vegan Mac and Cheese.

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