International Recipes

Are you ready to travel around the world and experience incredibly delicious food without leaving your kitchen? Well, you have come to the right place. Here you will find a collection of my international recipes from countries near and far.

Whether it is Mexican, Turkish, or Asian cuisine, these global recipes are easy to follow and made with ingredients that are readily available in most supermarkets. They are appropriate for all levels of cooking and require no special equipment. 

So join me in adding an international twist to your weekly meal routine and try different tastes and techniques to expose yourself and your family to the various cuisines of the world.

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Turkish Recipes

If you have ever been to Turkey or met someone who has ever been there, you are probably familiar with its amazing food and culture. With thousands of years of history behind it, Turkish food is incredibly delicious, and with the right instructions, easy to make.

Below you will find some of the most popular Turkish recipes that I grew up eating and cooking on a daily basis in my own kitchen today. Some of these recipes like Karniyarik, Beef Stew, or Bulgur Pilaf, are my mom’s recipes, while others like Simit, Tzatziki, and Borek are classics that are unique to the Mediterranean region.

Try your hand in one or more of these recipes and introduce your family to the taste of the Mediterranean.

Mexican Recipes

I always thought that I must have been a Mexican in one of my previous lives. Who knows if that is true, but what I know for sure is that I love Mexican food, culture, and people. I have been fortunate enough to visit Mexico on several occasions and somehow managed to turn every one of them into a culinary adventure. 

To this day, some of my most favorite memories include eating Street Corn on the streets of San Miguel de Allende and learning How To Make Corn Tortillas from the lady who was making them at the hotel we were staying at. I still remember how I felt when I took the first bite of the huevos rancheros that were drizzled with the pasilla chili sauce. 

While I am still a student of Mexican cooking, below are recipes that I make in my own kitchen on a regular basis. They are great for all levels of cooks and simple enough to master with easy to follow steps.

Asian Recipes

I was introduced to Asian cuisine after I moved to the US back in 2002. Since then I have been a student of this style of cooking. Asian ingredients are new to me but I love trying new recipes and am always fascinated by how they come together to create such addictive flavors. 

Below you will find the Asian-inspired recipes that I have been able to master. If you need a quick dinner on a Tuesday night, try making Chicken Lo Mein or Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

And if you are a fan of the good old ramen noodles, elevate this simple ingredient with my umami-packed weeknight dinner, Easy Vegetarian Ramen.

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